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Advantage of steel structure over concrete structure

Compared with other steel structures, the use of function, design, construction, and integrated
economy has advantages in the application advantages of steel structure in residential construction is
mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1.Flexible architectural style Much larger space design, indoor space can plan more segmentation, meet
the different needs of users, and by reducing the cross section of the column area and the use of
lightweight wallboard, increase the area of utilization, effectively use area by about 3——6%.
2.Energy saving effect is good, standardized prefabricated panel wall using light energy to replace
clay bricks, insulation performance is good, energy saving 65%, household can cut down the cost of
heating shade of 3 dollar per square metre.
3.Steel structure system for residential building can give full play to the good ductility of Plastic
deformation ability and excellent seismic wind resistance.Concrete steel pillars fully rational use of
material properties of steel and concrete, by increasing the intensity of the corresponding narrow
cross-section, its compressive strength, resistance to lateral bending strength, 1.5 times higher than
the concrete columns, greatly increasing the ability to resist earthquakes, improve the safety and
reliability of residence. In particular, in the event of an earthquake, typhoon disaster case, to
avoid the collapse of the buildings destroyed. If 95 years of the Great Hanshin earthquake in Japan,
the earthquake in Taiwan 99 years not collapsed almost entirely built of steel H-beam building.
4.Light Weight ,steel structure residential system using lightweight materials,Composed of high-
strength fire waterproof insulation sound insulation energy-saving composite wall to replace the
traditional clay brick and other heavy masonry materials.Using light steel structure, concrete dosage
can reduce 50%, 75% drop in overall weight than the concrete building.
5.The construction speed quickly,light steel structure building system, don’t need the tie bar, do not
need to make a template, cast-in-site concrete floor, do not need to temporary support, in this way,
can greatly speed up the construction site of the assembled. Therefore the construction cycle of Light
steel structure system, can shorten 50% ~ 75% than the traditional structure mode, can greatly
shorten the occupied period of investment funds, increasing the service efficiency of funds.
6.Environmental protection effects are better,Steel structure residential construction has greatly
reduced the amount of Lime, Sand and Stone ,material is mainly used in the green recycling or
degradation of the material,When building demolition, most of the material can regenerate or
degradation, won’t produce a lot of rubbish.
7.Cost performance is high,due to the interaction and complementary advantages of ladle concrete,the
beam cross section could shrink by more than 50%. Therefore, light steel structure house with steel
quantity with steel decreased about 15% than that of concrete structures ,Concrete reduced by 50%,
manpower costs fell by 75%, freight rates fell by 75%, foundation cost fell 20% ~ 30%.
8.In line with the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development.Steel
structure is suitable for mass production in factory,high degree of industrialization,and is capable
of saving, waterproof, heat insulation, windows and doors, and other advanced finished in one
collection, complete the application, design, production, construction integration, improve the level
of the housing industry.
In conclusion,Steel structure is suitable to the innovative residential structure system ,steel
structure can be as people of different aesthetic view,using different functional requirements, design
a variety of shapes, the new room type scale space, manufacturers can precision, high-quality, high-
speed completed, the building is beautiful and the economy to achieve the effect.