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Construction steel structure industry analysis

Construction Steel Structure is an emerging industry , Construction steel structure refers to use hot rolling , cold-formed or welded sections ( I-beam , H -beam, pressure plate , etc. ) by connecting pieces ( bolts, high strength bolts, etc. ) connections made ​​to withstand loads, load transfer structure with high strength , light weight, good seismic performance , short construction period , high degree of industrialization , less environmental pollution and a series of advantages. Structural features are overloaded , towering , long-span , light , its large load capacity , easy to set up , commonly used in bridges, buildings , towers , gates and other projects.

Steel structure in the process of fabrication , construction and using after completion ,with the superior energy-saving , environmental protection, security , and other aspects of the seismic characteristics , consistent with the principles of sustainable human development . Therefore , as an emerging industry of China’s steel structure construction sector , has been attached great importance to the state, is listed as one of the ten new technologies the Ministry of Construction .

Energy efficiency,Steel structure don’t use of traditional concrete , can significantly reduce the cement , sand and other resource consumption , thereby significantly reducing fossil excavation , refining and transport carbon emissions ; construction to reduce weight to about 40 percent , saving about 30% of the underground pile ; construction process without wooden formwork and scaffolding , if its market share increased 5 percentage points , you can reduce the equivalent of 9,000 hectares of forest timber harvesting ; site to the main assembly of the construction , the construction process can significantly reduce water use, reduce construction on-site noise nuisance, waste water discharge and dust pollution ; reduce sand mining and construction waste emissions ; construction steel residential CO2 emissions of about 480kg / m , compared with traditional concrete carbon emissions 740.6kg / m reduced by more than 35%; CCA lightweight filling the wall with good self- insulation function, traditional brick insulation performance three times , dramatically reducing energy consumption ; while building demolition , steel residential main structural materials recovery above 90% reduction in emissions compared to conventional concrete garbage about 60%.

The cost of steel structure and concrete cost is insignificant . The total investment in a high-rise building projects , accounting for about 50% of the project cost , construction cost accounting for less than 30% of the project cost , and therefore , the proportion of the total investment of steel structure in less than 15 %. Although steel is 10% to 20 % higher than the cost of reinforced concrete , steel structure , lower labor, foundation treatment costs, gotta say steel project cost is slightly higher than the concrete ; If you consider shortening the duration of the rental brought income , short- term loans , the cost of steel and concrete structures will not be much difference .

And speaking on space utilization , generally more than 20 floor building will show the advantages of steel structures , such as a global financial center is to use steel structure , if use reinforced concrete , the underlying space utilization will be very bottom . So consider the effective use of space than the steel structure large concrete ( beams cross-sectional area can be reduced by more than 50% ) , the steel structure of the overall economic efficiency may be higher than the concrete s .

Because of the many advantages of steel structures , steel structure products have been widely used in industrial plants, high-rise and high-rise buildings , residential, large public buildings, terminals, thermal power plant and boiler main frame, road and rail bridges and offshore oil platforms . Detailed construction steel industry and can be divided into light steel , heavy steel , steel and other sub-sectors of space .