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Promotation of Steel Structure Housing in Earthquake Zones

Low Level Construction Needs to Be Solved
Experience of several large earthquakes, a majority dead is due to the collapse of houses. Poor brick brittle structure and reinforced concrete structure building  has a deadly threat to mankind in the earthquake. Low level construction needs to be solved.In the countryside, the housing is basicly self-built, most builder don’t understand building seismic technology, only by experience and habit to build a house. And in order to save money, a lot of people choose cheap cement hollow brick, cement label and dosage is not enough, the housing quality is very poor, buried a hidden danger to death.In cities and towns, reinforced concrete structure housing basic unify the whole country. Let alone a large number of construction waste is produced, it also increased the burden of urban environment, in terms of seismic, once collapsed, heavy slab and wall is the biggest killers.

Steel structure building can improve anti-disaster ability

Steel structure residential building is to use steel as load-bearing beams and use environmentally friendly, lightweight, energy-saving materials do palisade structure housing.After the wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the different social sectors begin to pay close attention to the steel structure housing. After the “3.11” earthquake in Japan in 2011, the shockproof system supported by steel structure housing attracted world attention. Steel structure housing advantages were familiared by the industry early, its structure has good seismic performance, light weight, quick construction speed, energy saving, material saving, water saving excellent performances, which has the minimal impact to the urban environment. In developed countries has been widely used.Steel structure was widespread promoted in sports stadiums, airport terminal, railway, bridge, etc in China, the Bird’s Nest, the National Grand Theatre is the typical representative. When the Wenchuan earthquake happened in 2008, MianyangJiuzhou gymnasium was intact, became victims refuge; Lushan “4.20” earthquake of magnitude 7, Wenchuan after the earthquake assistance and rebuilt hospitals, schools do not have any damage, these steel structure buildings became the shelter of life.

Japanese Architecture Anti-seismic History

After the year of 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, the Japanese government determined to improve the seismic resistance of buildings and the following year unveiled the world’s first building seismic code, and make the precise calculation of every building about the seismic performance.Especially after the 1995 Kobe Earthquake, the epicenter of Hyogo prefecture implemented “Phoenix” plan, requires building to bear  magnitude 8 earthquake; The Japanese government has proposed “Zero death” plan. Therefore, the steel structure which is with remarkable seismic performance and all kinds of the most advanced shock means such as lightweight materials are widely used, all of the old buildings are all made of different shapes of the steel structure framework for reinforcement.In 2011 Japan encounter with the highest level earthquake in the history of human observation, at the same time accompanied by the devastating tsunami attack. Facts have proven that the destruction of the earthquake itself brings to the construction is not large, the Japanese construction has withstood the test of magnitude 9 earthquake.

Japan is the first country who produce house in the factory, and force to apply steel structure in the civil residence. Led by the government and industry, promoted by large enterprises, it brings great acheivement after years of research and practice. If promote steel structure in the disaster areas in China, the first need is the top design of national level, including the disaster mitigation and security policy in the process of urbanization, industrialization driven by technical and economic policies, and promote the technological innovation of industry changes, etc., establish the integrated innovation mechanism, promote and further perfect the system of the steel structure housing, encourage enterprises to develop and build steel structure residential.