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Preliminary Design of Light steel structure Buildings

Portal rigid frame light building steel structure design usually contain preliminary design the detail design of construction drawing design and construction of three stages The preliminary design of the task is to determine reasonable structure scheme; Contains steel structure construction drawing design effect analysis for checking and node component cross section design construction drawings and so on work; Drawing is made on the basis of processing components Below we talk about portal rigid frame light housing for preliminary design of steel structure.
Steel structure preliminary design is given priority to with the conceptual design and scheme optimization, which is a superior function Aesthetically pleasing as the goal of advanced technology of the design phase Generally have the concept of construction engineering design concept in the field of architecture design concept and the concept of structure design of two parts structure design is in front of the preliminary design for the purpose of the project to determine a conceptual design of overall scheme, make structure design of advanced technology and reasonable, convenience of construction, and has a good economy.
Structure concept design is based on the mechanics concept built skilled use material properties and structural system, as well as aesthetic vision engineering consciousness and rich work experience In structural conceptual design process, should consider the overall comprehensive more rapid estimation and decisive decision-making portal frame light steel structure houses design concept is in structural form established under the condition of the preliminary design, so the conceptual design has a certain particularity Combining with the characteristics of portal rigid frame structure, the purpose of the conceptual design is under the condition of meet the building function, make the steel weight of the structure of the advanced technology reasonably safe and reliable To make convenient Short construction period.
In the preliminary design stage, be sure that the layout of the structural system While the basic structure of portal rigid frame structure system have been identified, but due to the rigid frame structure is flat structure system, many technical problems need to pay attention to its space layout.
First is the layout of structure, pay attention to the purpose is to choose the reasonable economic span and column spacing, the span and column is apart from the direct influence of the structure of the economy, should consider when determining span and column spacing frame of steel weight of the unit area, at the same time should also consider auxiliary components such as purlin wall beam of steel consumption.
Second, the structure layout is determined, it must ensure the space stability of the structure, the structure of the space attention by supporting rigid tie bar and stability, to ensure the stability of the space design principle is to make the structure geometry temperature force transmission path clear and quick.
Third, choose reasonable form of node connections and component section, node connection form directly influences the length of the construction period, the choice of the form of cross section structure should be considered material supply situation in region and the level of processing and manufacturing

Plan optimization of the main task is to determine the most reasonable design scheme of reasonable scheme evaluation involves many factors and is a combination of various factors balance scheme selection of the main factors affecting the safety of economy, the security is the premise and foundation of scheme optimization; Economy is the goal of the plan optimization, economic evaluation should be comprehensive consideration, should not only in steel consumption as the only index, and basic processing components and ought to be considered at the same time by the installation of construction period and construction time, and many other factors