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Prefabricated Steel Structure Building will improve the living condition

Prefabricated Steel Structure Building will improve the living condition


According to figures released by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH),
There are 50 high-rise buildings in the world including under construction and finished buildings over 400 meters height which 25 buildings in China and the 25 buildings are Steel Structure .
Except the high-rise building area ,in large span airport, stadium, the use of steel structure also has a very wide range.


Why used such a lots of steel structure ? because the steel could be recycled ,90% steel structure could be used after demolish,in addition, the steel structure is in the factory production, on-site assembly, reducing the on-site wet work, dust and garbage also will be greatly reduced.

Prefabricated steel structure building
Steel structure is a sunrise industry, the human use of steel has a history of more than three hundred years, the emergence of the steel structure is less than 200 year , it is much more short developing in China ,in developed countries, the current steel structure in proportion to the amount of total product steel over 30%, while in China the figure only between 5% – 6%,steel structure belongs to the industrial field and therefore can not be separated from it. There are four stages of industry, that is, the embryonic stage, the development period, high-speed development and maturity. “From now to the next 20 years, China ‘s steel structure is the rapid development period.Over the past 30 years, the main innovation of Chinese architecture is “tall and new tip”, but the next 30 years, the building will be the direction of the city with the construction of a turning point.
“In the past steel market in the construction of the deep in the north and other big cities, high-rise buildings in these cities and their supporting positioning.Future market will turn to satellite cities as small and medium cities, buildings do not need so many skyscrapers.

What is the prefabricated steel structure building?
It is still the same as before, need the columns, beams, plates, but the factory production and one-component assembly together on site ,now there is some change,
First, the mode of production has changed, the entire production process is completed in the factory, on site is only assembly.
Second, the quality of the entire production process more controllable. Because each component, if there is defective, it can not get out of the factory , will repaired in the factory.
After twenty or thirty years time, the people will live in the Prefabricated Steel Structure Building that is assembled, steel structure and more practical, according to the requirements of each of us to design and customized,material and production process will be greener .